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Congrès annuel 2020 de l'ACCP

  • 7 au 10 mai 2020
  • 10135 100 St NW
    The Westin Edmonton
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T5J 0N7


Career Development Intervention As Mental Health Intervention: Evidence, Models, And Approaches With Specific Populations

7 mai 2020  09:00 - 16:30
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Full Day - English - Intermediate
Location: Manitoba

Career development supports positive mental health. Although it is widely accepted that career outcomes such as job loss and unemployment are related to wellbeing, career factors are not considered as points of intervention for positive mental health. This workshop explores career intervention as support for mental health by outlining both the evidence base supporting career intervention and current models linking career development to outcomes in client opportunities, life circumstances, abilities, self-perceptions, and opportunity perceptions. Models linking career intervention to stress mitigation, coping, and wellbeing are included.

Interventions with specific populations (First Nations individuals, Individuals with addictions, Post secondary students, and Immigrants, refugees, and international students) are presented. Mental health indicators and career-related demands are examined in the context of broader social, economic and cultural factors. Approaches to mental health intervention, evidence supporting the role of career intervention and population-relevant career interventions are presented and linked to career and mental health outcomes.

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of:

  • Evidence supporting career intervention as mental health intervention.
  • The interaction of career development and mental health and the effects, coping, and wellbeing outcomes of career intervention.
  • Population specific factors related to mental health and career demands.
  • Evidence-based career intervention.

Michael Huston is counsellor with Mount Royal University. His research focuses on counsellor education and training strategies, career development intervention, and stress and wellness intervention.

Working for over 30 years in the wide-ranging career development field, Dave Redekopp is still curious about workerworkplace relationships, work-life connections, psychological health, the quirkiness of human behaviour, and more.

Kathy Offet-Gartner's work focuses on the interconnectedness of Indigenous student success, career development, and wellness. She uses success stories connect academic and career interventions and wellness, stress reduction, and new stories.

Rebecca Hudson-Breen, PhD., Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

Dawn Schell, MA., CCC., Counsellor, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia.

José Domene, PhD., Professor, University of Calgary, Calgary Alberta.