Presenters: Susan Dallin O’Grady and Lindsey Thomson

Date/Time – Thursday, June 15, 2023, Noon to 1 p.m. Eastern

Cost -$0

Online via Zoom and this session will be recorded

Audience: Intended for CCPA students and new graduates but all members welcome

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Description - 

  • How do you tap into the hidden job market and leverage your LinkedIn account to amplify your job search?
  • Tailoring your application to specific opportunities.
  • Exploring the different work environments in the counselling field and what you may expect (non-profit sector, private clinic, private practice, Employee Assistance Program, hospitals etc.)
  • Trends in pay, differences of work environments (unionized vs. not), what to know about when signing your contract (employee vs. contractor, benefits, paying tax etc.)


Lindsey and Susan will lead a discussion and share their top tips to take your job search skills from so-so to savvy!

There will be 15 minutes allotted for Q&A during this session that will not be recorded.


Susan Dallin O’Grady: Susan is CCPA’s Event Specialist. She has previously taught job-searching skills including how to leverage LinkedIn.


Lindsey Thomson: Lindsey is CCPA’s Director of Public Affairs. She has been working in the counselling field for over 6 years as a Registered Psychotherapist. Lindsey also works in the private and university sector as a Clinical Supervisor.


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Job Search Savvy

  • Thursday June 15 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM