Title - Counselling Donor Family Members: A Webinar for Mental Health Professionals

Date/Time - August 16th 2022 from 12-3pm EDT

Presented by - Wendy Kramer

Online via Zoom 

This event is approved for 3 Continuing Education Credits

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Description - 

Donor conception is becoming substantially more common with the exponential advancements being made in the field of reproductive medicine, and with the wider acceptance in recent decades of LGBTQ families, single-parent families, and women in later reproductive years utilizing donor gametes. The accessibility of commercial DNA testing is also helping to expand these families as many people are finding out by surprise that they are part of a sometimes quite large donor family. Given the greatly increased probability of encountering a client connected to a donor family in their practices accross settings, clinicians must be well-informed about all perspectives in order to best serve people in the donor family constellation. Clinicians will explore in this webinar the unique issues that donor family members might present with regarding their families of origin and with their new donor family relationships. This webinar is intended to be a resource for mental health and medical professionals in any setting, especially for those who are unfamiliar with donor conception. It's a presentation of evolving ideas, recommendations, and talking points that can be used when counselling anyone in the donor family. Because each stakeholder is deeply connected to the others, understanding all viewpoints is important for a succcessful counselling experience with any parent, egg and sperm donor, or donor-conceived person.

Bio - 

Wendy has co-authored many published papers on donor-conception, has reviewed abstracts for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and has also been a peer reviewer for the journals Human Reproduction, Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Frontiers in Global Women's Health, and the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research. She was Associate Producer on the Style Network's 2011 Emmy-nominated show Sperm Donor and on MTV News & Docs 2013 docu-series Generation Cryo.

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HALF-DAY WORKSHOP - Counselling Donor Family Members: A Webinar for Mental Health Professionals

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  • Tuesday Aug 16 2022, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM