Title -  Lift, Shift, Rift or Cliff... Technologies Place in Mental Health

Presenter - Paul Zikopoulos

Time/Date - June 2nd from 1-2pm EDT

Online via Zoom

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Description - 

As technology advances, we all wonder how it may continue to impact our profession. One big topic in the field is Artificial intelligence(AI). AI can bring superpowers to ALL professions, from roughneck professions to high tech positions,  everyone’s lives will be touched by AI.  

 What is AI? How is it impacting our careers? and will this technology take over our jobs?.  These may be some questions you may have had about this topic.

In this presentation, you will learn about AI in our profession, how the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a very hot topic for your practice and other AI focal areas you have not heard about yet. Finally, we will be addressing concerns about ethics and biases. AI won’t be about robots taking over our world or your job, but it is essential to note its benefits, overall impacts, and how the biases within the data may be of concern.

Join us, learn and discuss. This presentation will have a Q&A segment

Presenter Bio - 

Paul is an award-winning professional writer & speaker who’s been consulted on the topic of AI & Big Data by the popular TV show “60 Minutes”. Paul’s been named to dozens of global “Experts to Follow” & “Influencers” lists, including Analytics Insight’s “Top 100 Global AI & Big Data Influencers”. Paul’s written 20 books (including “The AI Ladder” and 3 ‘for Dummies’ titles) and over 360 articles during his accidental 26-year career as a data nerd. Currently, Paul is writing an O’Reilly book on Hybrid Cloud. At IBM, Paul leads from the front, owning accountability and strategic direction in a ‘tech years are like dog years’ world for the entire IBM Technology Unit’s (all IBM software & hardware) sales, tech sales, and partner ecosystem learning journeys and upskilling programs.

You’ll find Paul taking a very active role around Women in Technology (he’s a seated board member for Women 2.0, who he became involved with after his tweet was mentioned on the TV show, “The View”), general workplace inclusivity (completing an intensive D&I certificate at Cornell University), and Coding for Veterans. In addition, Paul sits on the world recognized Masters of Management Analytics & AI program boards at Canada’s prestigious Queen’s University.

Paul’s always keeping with his grass roots — a newbie with no computer courses before coming to IBM. He knows on his dumbest days he’s never as dumb as he feels, and on his smartest days, he’s never as smart as he feels either. Ultimately, Paul is trying to figure out the world according to Chloë — who competitively rides a horse he show-named “Better than a Boyfriend”. 

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TISC Presents - Lift, Shift, Rift or Cliff... Technologies Place in Mental Health w/ Paul Zikopoulos

  • Thursday June 02 2022, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM