Dr. Jacqui Synard, founder of Meaningful Change, is passionate about applying Positive Psychology to enhance the well-being of both individuals and organizations though private practice and workshops. She offers an in-depth knowledge of the positive psychology literature, as well her own Ph.D. research on resilience and other processes of well-being in the face of adversity.  A University of Ottawa M.Ed and Ph.D. graduate, her work has been published in journals such as The Journal of Positive Psychology and presented at national/international conferences. A member of the CCPA since 2008, Jacqui has been active in the CCPA community, including 10 years as a CCPA NCR Board Director as well as 2 years as Ontario Anglophone Director. Most importantly, she cherishes the friendships and the community of support in our local CCPA family and is humbled and honoured to present to the NCR Chapter.

Developed in the early 2000s and inspired by humanistic principles, positive psychology is both an “old” and a “new” field that focuses on leveraging the strengths of individuals to inform the science of well-being.  A strong empirical base of positive psychology research confirms the value of constructs such as happiness, meaning-in-life, resilience, hope, and strengths in promoting well-being. Positive psychotherapy, which applies positive psychology to clinical settings, has also been gaining traction in past decade.

While the “science” of positive psychology continues to develop, a lot remains to be learned about the “art” of applying positive psychology to counselling and psychotherapy.  This workshop combines interactive lecture on positive psychology research with experiential reflection and group discussion to collectively explore and brainstorm how positive psychology can influence clinical practice. Participants will learn and discuss strategies for applying positive psychology, ranging from initial client contact to termination.  It also identifies both the ethics and caveats of this approach. Participants will be provided with practical takeaways to inform their clinical work, including opportunities to practice with workshop peers. Examples include identifying/building upon client strengths, naming/ cultivating resilience, building positive mindsets, and leveraging positives in the environment outside of therapy — all while managing the realities of life’s challenges and practicalities.

NCR Chapter - Positively Impactful Workshop

  • samedi le 04 février, 2023 de 9h00 à 16h00